Saturday, April 15, 2023

Teach elapsed time using's Two Clocks.

If you are looking for a great activity for teaching about time, check out's Two Clocks.

The first clock shows the start time, while the second clock shows the end time. The duration between the times can be automatically calculated as well as the ability to hide either clock.

When you open the site you will see the two clock and when you drag the minute or hour hand you will see the duration at the bottom of the site. This is great for showing elapsed time as well as asking questions regarding elapsed time. You can also remove showing the answer to the elapsed time by clicking on the check.

With the clocks you can easily remove the digital clocks by clicking the off button.

The ability to link the clocks is a nice option to talk about elapsed time and how it looks at different parts of the day.

Make sure to click on the die for a random time for your students to answer.

Finally, if you would like some leveled questions be sure to choose the question icon for levels 1-5.

Embedded below is a 2 minute and 13 second YouTube tutorial.

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