Thursday, April 13, 2023

Looking for a website that allows you to create and manipulate polygons? Check out the Polygon Explorer on

 If you are looking for a website to manipulate polygons, try Visnos's Polygon Explorer. When you open the site you will see the image below.

A few things to point out

  • in the upper right you will see 
    • a protractor that you can measure each angle
    • next to the protractor you will see a ruler that you can measure sides
    • next to the ruler is drag which is the ability to toggle off the circles around each vertex
      • this is important especially when using the protractor as you will then not move the vertex by mistake
    • finally you will see 0.5 - you can adjust this as it allows you to drag the vertex 
      • at 0.5 you can position each vertex by 0.5  
  • underneath
    • sides
      • from 3 to 20
    • radius
      • from 0 to 10
    • angle
      • from 0 to 360
  • under the angle you will see
    • outer and then interior
      • when you select them you will then see the angles 
Embedded below is a 2 minute long YouTube tutorial.

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