Tuesday, August 31, 2021

You can now block people in Google Drive.

A nice new feature in Google Drive is the ability to block specific users. This prevents people from sharing unwanted files with you. If you use Drive for work or school, you can not block them if they are in your domain.

In order to prevent them simply right-click a file they shared with you, and choose Block.

If you blocked them by mistake, or would like to see the users you have blocked...

  • enter into myaccount.google.com 
  • choose People & Sharing
  • scroll down and under contacts you will see a Stop sign and Blocked
  • When you choose Blocked - you will then see a list of blocked users.
  • To unblock, simply select the X to the right of their name.
Embedded below is a 55 second YouTube tutorial.

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Monday, August 30, 2021

Google Forms finally has an autosave feature. You can now save work in progress.

The requested autosave feature in Google Forms is now available (if it is not yet available - it will be rolled out soon - latest is September 15th). Basically, this default feature will save respondents' work in progress when they are completing a form. Users will just need to make sure they are signed into their Google account.

To see if this feature is available for you:
  • select the settings gear
  • Presentation
  • At the bottom you will see Restrictions.
    • Please note that this feature is on by default.
    • You can disable the autosave feature by selecting the checkbox.

Embedded below is a 1 minute and 8 second YouTube tutorial.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Dark Mode enabled on your computer? Here are a few possible solutions.

 If you have ever been frustrated because Dark Mode was somehow enabled on your computer here are a few possible solutions.

1. I am on a Windows based device. If you go into your settings, then select personalization, colors, scroll down and choose your default app mode to be light.
2. It is possible you enabled a Chrome Flag (an experiment). It is worth a look. Go into chrome://flags/ and see what experiments have been enabled. The one you may have enabled is "Force Dark Mode for Web Contents". Simply select the blue enabled bar and choose to disable. Then, relaunch the Chrome browser.

Embedded below is 1 minute and 11 second YouTube tutorial.

Take care, Brad

Monday, August 2, 2021

Google Maps - how to change your vehicle and add reports.

In Google Maps it is very simple to change your vehicle. Simply select the blue circle with the white triangle and you will see three three options (red, green, and yellow vehicles).

Also, if you would like to add a report, simply select the circle with a plus on the right-hand side. There you will see options to add a report for the following: crash, speed trap, slowdown, construction, lane closure, stalled vehicle, and object on road.

Embedded below is a 41 second YouTube tutorial.

Take care, Brad

Sunday, August 1, 2021

How to adjust the compass in Google Maps.

 Ever use Google Maps and find the compass is showing you the actual cardinal directions, but you want it easier to see what driving direction to go? If so - simply look on the right hand side for the compass (on my phone it was the second from the bottom). 😀

Embedded below is a 23 second YouTube tutorial.

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