Thursday, November 17, 2022

How to Animate Your Voice for Free with Adobe Express

 If you (or your students) would like to add a character to your voice, give Adobe Express a look (click here for a direct link).

When you enter into the site, you can start creating your animation right away; however, I would recommend creating a free account so you can download the creation.

When you do start creating the animation you will see the page that you see below. You can start to record right away; however, you also have the options to the right to change your character, background, as well as size.

Once you have made your selections, you will then be able to record your voice (or upload an audio file)  up to 2 minutes in length. You can then see the created animation and then have the option to trim some of the video from the beginning or end of the creation.

You can then download the creation and share it where you would like.

Embedded below is a 2 minute and 9 second YouTube tutorial.

Take care,

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

What Am I Thankful For? Google Slide project by Eric Curts

 If you are looking for a project to do with your classroom, try Eric Curts' What Am I Thankful For? 

As with all of Eric's posts, he includes a video tutorial as well as step-by-step directions.

  • Make sure you click on the Google Slides template Google Slides link you will then need to make a copy of the entire slideshow.
    • If using Google Classroom be sure to make it an assignment and force a copy to each student.
  • You will then see the presentation with directions available on the first few slides.
    • The turkey is on slide #7.
  • On slide #8 you will see the feathers.
    • Make sure to remind your students to copy the feather (ctrl c) and then paste (ctrl v) onto slide #7.
    • The students can then edit the text and state what they are thankful for.
  • They will then need to move the feather to the appropriate area as well as tilt the feather as well (look for the blue circle that allows you to tilt). You may need to remind them how to do this, especially with younger users.
  • They will then need to send the feather to the back. 
    • To do this they can either right-click or select the feather and tap on their touchpad and select order send to back.
When completed, students can download to their computer (download as a PNG image) - or if they turned in the project you can choose to download the Turkey as a PNG image by going to File - Download - PNG image.

Embedded below is an example of a Thankful Turkey as well as a 1 minute and 43 second YouTube tutorial.

Take care,