Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Dinosaurs in Augmented Reality built into Google Search

Want to turn your backyard, home, or any room into Jurassic World? You can now search for any of the following 10 dinosaurs in a Google search:
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  •  Velociraptor
  •  Triceratops
  •  Spinosaurus
  •  Stegosaurus
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Pteranodon
  • Parasaurolophus.
Once you search for one of the above mentioned dinosaur and make sure to select "View in 3D". Once you do so you can then adjust the size of the dinosaur. Click here for Google's article relating to the topic here - Travel back in time with AR dinosaurs in Search

Embedded below is a 1 minute and 23 second YouTube tutorial I created.

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