Monday, April 24, 2023

Real World Math! How you can teach perimeter and area of any place on Earth using the tools in Google Earth.

The past few weeks I have shared a number of sites that deal directly with mathematical concepts. In today's post I will be sharing how you can use a site like Google Earth and have students answer real world perimeter and area problems.

Once you enter into Google Earth, make sure to type in a place that you/your students know. In my example I used the high school where I went as a kid. 

Once the satellite image comes up

  • select the ruler on the bottom left in Google Earth
  • you will then see a popup in the upper right with feet as the default
    • feel free to change if you desire 
  • select your starting point and then drag around to create the perimeter
  • you will need to close the shape
  • in the upper right you will then see the perimeter and area (see image below)

Embedded below is a 1 minute and 17 second YouTube tutorial.

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