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If you are interested in creating your own Podcasts click here or take a look below.
If you would like to then have your podcast be available in iTunes and or Google Play - click here or look below.

If you ever had the desire to create a podcast I have created a short blog post on one way you can do it with just your phone (my example is using an iPhone). There are numerous other services that could accomplish creating and storing a podcast, but I found this way to be pretty simple.

I use the Opinion App  (I purchased the $3.99 paid version). From there all you need to do is launch the app and press the red circle and the recording has begun. Once completed you will see the recording and listen to it (you can also cut/trim certain sections as well). When you select your recording you then have the options to send the recording on (I downloaded the SoundCloud  app (free) - so I just sent my recording straight to SoundCloud. You will be asked to name your podcast, add an image if you like, as well as your location. Remember to select Upload  Share (bottom right).

Embedded below is a 1 minute and 43 second YouTube tutorial I created.

You will need to log on to SoundCloud and create your sign-in (I used a Google sign-in). From there you will be able to change your profile, see your stats, who you follow, etc.

Once you select profile you will then see your podcast that you just sent from your phone. You will see the share button as well as see the ability to edit your track, download, as well as delete your podcast). 

Please feel free to reach out if any questions. Again, there are many ways in which you can create and share a podcast - this is just the simplest way that I have found.


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