Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Create your own Star Wars Crawl

A few years ago I shared one way to create your own crawl, unfortunately that site no longer works. However, if you click on this link -  https://starwarsintrocreator.kassellabs.io/  you can then adjust the text to fit your needs and then share the link with others.

I would recommend typing up the information in a Google Doc, Word, or somewhere you can refer back to just in case. 

It is nice though because you can use the unique URL that is created for your creation and edit in the future. However, I do not know how long that URL will last. So please keep your work in a Doc. 

Please note there also is a Game of Throne, Westworld, and Stranger Things Intro creator.

Embedded below is a 1 minute and 40 second YouTube tutorial.

Take care,


Monday, September 21, 2020

How to turn your Bitmoji into your cursor

 If you would like to turn your Bitmoji into a cursor here is one way to do it using Google Chrome and 2 extensions.

  • Add the Bitmoji extension
  • Find the Bitmoji you would like to use
    • Right click and download to your computer
    • Edit the size of your Bitmoji to no more than 128 x 128 pixels 
      • To edit the size right click on the Bitmoji and choose edit
      • Then choose size and adjust to pixels
      • You could also use a site such as https://resizeimage.net/
        • upload your image
        • go to step 4 and choose 128 by 128 pixels
        • go to step 7 and select resize image
  • Add the custom cursor extension (has a lot of fun cursors)
  • Select the custom cursor extension and choose upload cursor
    • find your adjusted Bitmoji 
  • Click on extension again and choose your Bitmoji
  • One last item to point out is that if you want to clear your Bitmoji cursor - select the extension and then choose the default cursor (looks like a power button in the upper right when you select the extension.
Embedded below is a 2 minute and second YouTube tutorial.

Take care,

How to transfer host controls to another individual in Zoom

 If you are in a meeting and need to transfer host controls to another user (adult in a school setting) - you can do so by 

  • choose the three dots in the upper right of the user who you would like to pass ownership to
  • select Make a Host
  • a pop-up window will come up to confirm that you really want to transfer ownership 
    • select yes
  • now the other user is the host
  • they can perform the same steps to add you back as host; however, if they do end a meeting as the host it will end the meeting
Embedded below is a 39 second YouTube tutorial.

Take care,

Sunday, September 20, 2020

iOS 14 enable back tap to perform actions quickly (like a screenshot, volume up/down, etc).

 Pretty cool and helpful new feature in iOS 14 - the ability to perform actions quickly (like a screenshot, volume up/down, etc).

In order to have these options do the following:

  • Go to settings
  • accessibility
  • touch
  • back tap
  • choose what you would like for a double tap
  • choose what you would like for a triple tap
Embedded below is a 37 second YouTube tutorial.

Take care,

Thursday, September 17, 2020

How to use Zoom and Google Meet together to allow for extra support for students.

 If your class is using Zoom for instruction of your class and you have a support teacher in your class and would like them to be able to visually work with the student in a one-on-one setting for a part of the time, try the following.

  • Have the support teacher start a Google Meet - https://meet.google.com/
  • Name the meeting (I recommend the student's first name - but whatever works for you and your district).
    • Start the meet
  • Make sure the student has Google Meet set as a bookmark (choose star to right of url) or (Ctrl+Shift+D) or select the three dots in upper right and choose bookmark this tab.
  •  Have the student join the Google Meet  (remind the student to have a bookmark or someway to easily join and be able to re-join)
  • The support teacher and the student can now work together 
    • the student can show work they are doing
    • the student and support teacher can chat if necessary one-on-one
  • They can leave the Meet and re-enter the Zoom 
Embedded below is a minute and second YouTube tutorial showing what it looks like in a Zoom meeting from the teacher's point-of-view as well as what it looks like from the student's point-of view when in a Google Meet.

Apologies as the Chromebook I was using did not allow for Screencastify to load so my daughter had to shoot the video with my phone. 📱 😀

Of course there may be other ways and I would love to hear them.

Take care,

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

How to split and merge a PDF document using Kami

 If you have a PDF file that includes multiple pages and you would like a way to see the pages in a nice and organized way, try using Kami's extension.

  • Make sure to select the Kami extension and go through the sign-in process. 
  • When ready to split and merge select the menu icon (three lines).
  • You will then select split and merge document.
  • Drag and drop the PDF file you want to use
  • Select next
  • You can then choose to split pages as you so desire
  • What I really like is the option to drag and drop pages and then export as you desire
    • It is also nice to know that if you made a mistake you can always select the Undo and Redo options as well if you made a mistake.
Embedded below is a 2 minute and 11 second YouTube tutorial.

Take care,

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

How to share a split screen (on a Windows device) with your students through Zoom.

 If you would like to show 2 screens at one time with your students in Zoom here is one way you can do it.

  • Select share screen
  • Make sure to choose Advanced, Portion of Screen, Share
  • You will then see a rectangular portion of the screen that you can stretch out to fit the whole screen 
  • Then, if on a Windows based device, make sure you have the two sites you would like up (tabs), select the Windows Icon and either the left or right arrow
    • this will split your screen to either the left or right
    • Then, take the 2nd tab and drag over to the side
  • You can now show your students two screens at once

  • You can always bring the one site you want up by selecting the maximize square (in-between the minimize and X)

    Embedded below is a 1 minute and 31 second YouTube tutorial.

    Take care,

    How to split your screen quickly on a Windows based device (also a reminder on how to split on a Chromebook as well)

     If you would like to split your screen quickly and easily on a Windows based device try the following.

    • select the Windows icon and then either the left or right arrow

    Embedded below is a 53 second YouTube tutorial.

    If you would like to split your screen on a Chromebook here are two ways to do it 
    alt [ or alt ]

    Take care,

    Monday, September 14, 2020

    How to have an assignment for a student in Google Classroom be available for another adult to assist remotely

     If you use Google Classroom and have a student or students who work with another adult, it can be at times difficult to assist that student remotely.

    One solution is to try the following:

    • Create the assignment as you typically would (with a copy for each student)
    • To have the adult who is working with the student be able to see the document and assist make sure to do the following:
      • In Classroom select the Class Drive Folder (available in the Classwork section in Google Classroom
    • Find the assignment folder and open it
    • Find the student's document and open it up
    • Select share in the upper right and add the adult's email
    • Now both the student and the adult can talk (in a breakout room in Zoom or Meet) and work together on the same document
    • The student still has the ability to turn in directly from the open document
    Embedded below is a 2 minute and 40 second YouTube tutorial showing from the teacher point of view, student point of view, as well as the adult assisting's point of view.

    Another solution is below:

    • create your document for the assignment and make a copy of the document as well 
      • be sure to keep them separate
    • share the original assignment with your class except the one child (you will be sharing the same document with the student in the next step
    • with the copied document  add the adult who works with the child directly from the sharing settings
    • create an assignment in Google Classroom and share with that specific student
    • now when students go into breakout rooms the student and the adult providing assistance can both work on the assignment together as they talk it over
    • note that there is no blue Turn In button on the top right of the doc 
      • the student would need to go back into the assignment and select Mark as Done
    • the teacher would then need to go into the document in Drive (since they created it) and see the assignment that way
    Embedded below is a 2 minute and 18 second YouTube tutorial.

    Take care,

    2 ways students can sign in to their XTRAMATH account

     If you are using Xtramath to have your students practice their basic facts below you will see two ways that students can log on.

    1. As long as students are logged on to their Google account (they can always look in the upper right in Chrome and see if they are logged on. 

    • They can then select sign in with Google
    • Type in the teacher's email address
    • Name as the teacher typed it in (typically first name)
    • Pin
    This will then sync Google with Xtramath so they can just select sign in with Google and not have to always type in email, name, and pin.

    2. Students can select sign in and type in teacher's email, name as teacher typed it in, as well as pin. Depending on the type of device (this can be frustrating) it may (or may not) keep them logged in on the device. 

    Embedded below is a 3 minute and 30 second YouTube tutorial showing from teacher and student point of view.

    Take care,