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Create a worksheet on any topic as well as have specific report card comments generated for you

 Introduction to Magic School Tools

Magic School offers two powerful tools: the worksheet generator and the report card comments generator. These tools are designed to save educators time and effort. Let's explore how these features can enhance your teaching experience.

Using the Worksheet Generator

The worksheet generator is a versatile tool that allows you to create customized worksheets for any grade level and topic. This feature is particularly useful for creating engaging and educational content for your students.

How to Generate a Worksheet

To generate a worksheet, simply input the grade level and the topic or text. For example, let's create a worksheet on mitosis for seventh grade. After entering the necessary information, you select "Generate."

Worksheet Components

The generated worksheet includes several components:

Fill-in-the-blank with a word bank

Open-ended questions

Answer key

These components ensure that students can practice different types of questions and check their answers.

Saving and Accessing Worksheets

After generating a worksheet, you can copy and paste it into a Google Doc or any other platform. Additionally, you can save the worksheet directly within Magic School for future use. Simply name the resource, such as "Mitosis 1," and save it. You can access saved worksheets from the output history section.

Generating Report Card Comments

Creating report card comments can be a challenging task. The report card comments generator simplifies this process by providing pre-written comments tailored to your specifications.

How to Generate Report Card Comments

To generate report card comments, you need to specify the grade level, pronouns, and areas of strength and growth. You can customize these options to fit your needs.

Example of Report Card Comments

For instance, if you need comments for an eighth-grade student, you input the grade level, strengths, and areas for growth. After selecting "Generate," the tool provides you with a set of comments that you can use as-is or edit further.

Saving and Sharing Comments

Just like with the worksheet generator, you can copy the generated comments and paste them into a Google Doc or any other document format. Additionally, you have the option to save these comments within Magic School for easy access later.

Benefits of Using Magic School Tools

There are several benefits to using the Magic School worksheet and report card comments generators:

Saves time


Easy to use



One of the biggest advantages is the time saved. Instead of spending hours creating worksheets or writing report card comments, you can generate them in minutes.

Customizable Options

Both tools offer customizable options. You can tailor the content to fit the specific needs of your students, making the tools highly versatile.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface is straightforward and easy to use. Even if you're not tech-savvy, you can navigate the tools with ease.


All generated content can be accessed online, making it easy to share and edit. You can also save resources within Magic School for future use.

Practical Applications in the Classroom

The Magic School tools have practical applications in the classroom. They can be used for daily lessons, assessments, and end-of-term reports.

Daily Lessons

For daily lessons, the worksheet generator can provide students with practice materials that are tailored to the current topic of study.


The generated worksheets can also serve as formative assessments to gauge student understanding. The answer key component makes it easy to check student work.

End-of-Term Reports

The report card comments generator is invaluable during report card season. It helps you create thoughtful and personalized comments without the stress and time commitment typically involved.


Magic School's worksheet and report card comments generators are powerful tools that can significantly enhance your teaching experience. By saving time and providing customizable options, these tools allow you to focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks.

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