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Prepare a Make a Copy link to a Google Form.


Below you will read information regarding the importance of Google Forms and providing a copy. Tony Vincent the other day discussed an easy way for you to share the form with others quickly. It revolves around making a shareable Google Drive folder and placing the form inside that folder and then editing the shareable link to /copy. This ensures users will be able to make a copy without asking you for permission.

The image below is from Tony Vincent's Tweet.


Introduction to Google Forms

Google Forms is an incredibly versatile tool that allows you to create surveys, quizzes, and forms for data collection. Whether you're an educator, a business professional, or just someone looking to gather information efficiently, Google Forms can be your go-to solution.

One of the most useful features of Google Forms is the ability to share it with others. However, there are times when you want the recipient to have their own copy of the form rather than simply filling it out. This can be particularly useful for educators who want to distribute templates for assignments or for businesses sharing standardized forms.

Why Use a Make a Copy Link?

Creating a "Make a Copy" link for your Google Form ensures that the recipient can create their own version of the form. This is useful in various scenarios:

Educational templates

Business forms



By providing a "Make a Copy" link, you allow users to customize the form to their needs without altering the original.

Steps to Create a Google Form

Before you can create a "Make a Copy" link, you need to have a Google Form ready. If you're new to Google Forms, follow these steps:

Open Google Drive

Click "New"

Select "Google Form"

Customize your form

Add questions and options

Once your form is ready, you can proceed to create the "Make a Copy" link.

Generating the Shareable Link

To create a "Make a Copy" link, you first need to get the shareable link of your Google Form. Follow these steps:

Open your Google Form

Click on the three dots (More options)

Select "Get pre-filled link"

Copy the URL

This URL is what you'll modify to create the "Make a Copy" link.

Modifying the URL

Now that you have the shareable link, you need to modify it to create a "Make a Copy" link. Here's how:

Paste the URL into a text editor

Find the part that says "/edit"

Replace "/edit" with "/copy"

For example, if your original URL is:

It should be modified to:

Sharing the Modified Link

Once you have your "Make a Copy" link, you can share it with others. This can be done through email, social media, or any other communication platform. When the recipient clicks on the link, they will be prompted to make a copy of the form.

This ensures that they have their own version of the form, which they can edit and customize as needed.

Practical Applications

There are numerous practical applications for using a "Make a Copy" link in Google Forms. Here are a few examples:

Educational Templates

Teachers can create templates for assignments, quizzes, and surveys. By sharing a "Make a Copy" link, students can have their own versions to fill out and submit.

Business Forms

Businesses can create standardized forms for internal use. Employees can make copies to fill out specific information without altering the original template.

Surveys and Feedback

Organizations can distribute surveys and feedback forms. Each respondent can make a copy and submit their responses, ensuring data integrity.

Tips for Effective Use

To make the most out of your Google Forms and "Make a Copy" links, consider these tips:

Keep your forms organized

Use clear and concise language

Test the form before sharing

Gather feedback for improvements


Google Forms is a powerful tool that can be enhanced by creating "Make a Copy" links. Whether you're an educator, a business professional, or just someone looking to streamline data collection, this feature can save you time and ensure consistency.

By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can easily create and share "Make a Copy" links for your Google Forms. This will allow recipients to have their own versions of the forms, which they can customize and use as needed.

So, the next time you need to share a Google Form, consider creating a "Make a Copy" link. It's a simple yet effective way to distribute forms while maintaining the integrity of the original template.

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