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Where are my extensions in Google Chrome 2024?


Around 4 years ago I made a video revolving around Chrome extensions and where they can be found. Well, 4 years later and things have changed a bit. For step-by-step details - watch the above embedded tutorial.

For additional information please read below.

Introduction to Chrome Extensions in 2024

Google Chrome extensions enhance browsing by adding functionality. However, users often struggle to locate these extensions. This guide will help you find and manage your Chrome extensions in 2024.

Accessing Extensions Menu

To access extensions, click the puzzle icon next to the address bar. This icon represents the Extensions menu, a central location for managing all installed extensions.

Click puzzle icon

Select "Manage Extensions"

In the Extensions menu, you'll see a list of all installed extensions. This menu provides quick access to enable, disable, or remove extensions.

Pinning Extensions to Toolbar

Pinning frequently used extensions to the toolbar can save time. Here's how to do it:

Open Extensions menu

Click pin icon next to extension

Pinned extensions appear on the toolbar for easy access. You can unpin them by clicking the pin icon again.

Using Chrome's Extensions Page

For more detailed management, visit Chrome's Extensions page. Here, you can view details, permissions, and update settings.

Open Extensions menu

Select "Manage Extensions"

This page provides options to configure each extension, including enabling, disabling, and removing them.

Installing New Extensions

To install new extensions, visit the Chrome Web Store. This store offers a variety of extensions to enhance your browsing experience.

Go to Chrome Web Store

Search for desired extension

Click "Add to Chrome"

Once installed, the extension appears in the Extensions menu. You can then manage it from there.

Managing Extension Permissions

Extensions often require permissions to function. You can review and adjust these permissions on the Extensions page.

Open Extensions page

Click "Details" under extension

Review permissions

Adjust permissions as needed to ensure privacy and security. Be mindful of the permissions requested by each extension.

Updating Extensions

Extensions update automatically, but you can manually check for updates. This ensures you have the latest features and security patches.

Open Extensions page

Click "Update" button

This will prompt Chrome to check for updates and install them. Keeping extensions updated is crucial for optimal performance.

Removing Unwanted Extensions

Removing unneeded extensions can improve browser performance. Here's how to remove them:

Open Extensions page

Click "Remove" under extension

Confirm the removal to delete the extension. This frees up resources and can enhance browser speed.


Managing Chrome extensions in 2024 is straightforward with the right steps. Access the Extensions menu, pin useful extensions, and use the Extensions page for detailed management. Install new extensions from the Chrome Web Store and keep them updated. Review permissions regularly and remove unwanted extensions to maintain browser performance.

By following these tips, you can optimize your Chrome browsing experience. Extensions add valuable features, but managing them effectively is key to a smooth, efficient browser.

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