Friday, May 31, 2024

More of Canva's Magic Studio. Highlights from a video, Magic Design, and Magic Animate.



Introduction to Canva's Magic Studio

Canva has introduced several new features in its Magic Studio that are designed to make media creation simpler and more dynamic. Today, we will explore the last three items in Magic Media: Highlights, Magic Design, and Magic Animate. These features offer innovative ways to enhance your videos and presentations.

Let's dive into each of these exciting new tools and see how they can transform your creative projects.

Magic Media Highlights

The Highlights feature in Canva's Magic Media allows you to easily extract the most exciting parts of your video. This is perfect for creating quick previews or summarizing content.

To use this feature, select the video you want to trim. Then, choose the "Highlights" option. You can manually select the sections you want to keep. This tool automatically generates a concise version of your video, focusing on the key moments.

Here are the steps to use Highlights:

Select your video

Choose "Trim"

Select "Highlights"

Pick the sections to keep

After making your selections, you can play the highlights to see the final outcome. This feature is incredibly useful for creating engaging content quickly.

Magic Design for Presentations

Magic Design is a powerful tool for creating presentations effortlessly. Whether you need to present a business idea or a school project, Magic Design can help you create visually appealing slides.

For example, if you want to create a presentation on why you should get a cat, simply type your topic into the design search bar. Magic Design will generate multiple presentation templates for you to choose from.

Here's how to use Magic Design:

Go to the design section

Type your presentation topic

Select from generated templates

Once you select a template, you can apply it to all slides. You can then customize each slide to suit your needs. This feature saves time and ensures a professional look for your presentations.

Magic Animate for Dynamic Pages

Magic Animate adds dynamic animations to your pages, making your content more engaging. This feature is perfect for adding a touch of creativity to your presentations and videos.

To use Magic Animate, click on the page you want to animate. Then, select the "Animate" option. You will see various animation styles to choose from.

Follow these steps to add animations:

Select your page

Click "Animate"

Choose an animation style

Experiment with different animations to find the one that best suits your content. This feature enhances the visual appeal and keeps your audience engaged.


Canva's Magic Studio offers powerful tools to enhance your media projects. The Highlights feature allows you to create concise video summaries. Magic Design simplifies the creation of professional presentations. Magic Animate adds dynamic elements to your content.

These tools are designed to save time and boost creativity. Explore Canva's Magic Studio today to see how these features can transform your projects. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out for assistance.

Happy creating!

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