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Bring Student Drawings to Life with Animated Drawings. Take a photo of a student's sketch, upload it to the site, and AI will quickly have it perform dozens of different actions.


Animated Drawings is a fantastic tool for students to unleash their creativity. By turning their sketches into animated characters, students can write stories or simply have fun. This tool uses AI to animate drawings with various actions such as walking, throwing, and dancing.

Getting Started with Animated Drawings

To begin, you need a photo of a student's or child's sketch. Upload the photo to the Animated Drawings site, and the AI will handle the rest. The AI will animate the drawing, making it perform dozens of different actions.

Using a Sample Drawing

If you don't have an image ready, you can use a sample drawing provided by the site. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the tool:

Select "Get Started".

Choose a sample drawing.

Resize the box to ensure it fits the drawing.

Use the pen and eraser tools to highlight parts of the drawing if needed.

Adjusting the Character's Joints

Once the drawing is uploaded, you can adjust the character's joints. This step allows you to fine-tune the animation for better accuracy.

You can:

Move joints

Adjust positions

Customize movements

Exploring Different Animations

After adjusting the joints, your animation is ready. The site offers various actions for your character to perform. You can choose from actions like:




Simply select an action, and watch your character come to life!

Sharing Your Animation

Once you're satisfied with the animation, you can share it easily. Copy the link provided by the site and share it with others. The animation can be viewed without logging in, making it accessible to everyone.

Educational Benefits

Animated Drawings is not just a fun tool; it also offers educational benefits. Students can use their animated characters to:

Write stories

Enhance creativity

Engage in interactive learning

This tool encourages students to think creatively and express their ideas in unique ways.


Animated Drawings is a valuable tool for both fun and education. By turning sketches into animated characters, students can explore their creativity and enhance their learning experience. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. Enjoy bringing your drawings to life!

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