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Use Fonts Ninja extension to find out what font is used on specific sites

Use Fonts Ninja extension to find out what font is used on specific sites

Introduction to Fonts Ninja

Have you ever wondered what font a website is using? Identifying fonts can be tricky without the right tools. Fortunately, the Fonts Ninja extension for Google Chrome makes this task simple and straightforward.

In this guide, we will walk you through how to use Fonts Ninja to discover fonts on any website. We'll use examples from and to demonstrate its functionality.

Installing Fonts Ninja

Before you can start identifying fonts, you need to install the Fonts Ninja extension. Follow these steps to get started:

Open Google Chrome.

Go to the Chrome Web Store.

Search for "Fonts Ninja."

Click "Add to Chrome."

Confirm by clicking "Add Extension."

You can also click here.You can also click here.

Once installed, you might not see the extension icon immediately. Don't worry; you can pin it for easy access.

Pinning the Fonts Ninja Extension

If the Fonts Ninja icon isn't visible, you need to pin it to your toolbar. Here's how:

Click on the extensions icon (puzzle piece) in the toolbar.

Scroll down to find Fonts Ninja.

Click the pin icon next to Fonts Ninja.

Now, you should see the Fonts Ninja icon in your toolbar, ready for use.

Using Fonts Ninja on

Let's start by using Fonts Ninja on to identify fonts. Follow these steps:

Navigate to

Click on the Fonts Ninja icon in your toolbar.

Hover over different text elements on the website.

As you hover, Fonts Ninja will display the font name and size. This feature is incredibly useful for designers and developers.

Saving and Bookmarking Fonts

Fonts Ninja allows you to save and bookmark fonts for later reference. Here’s how you can do it:

Hover over the desired text.

Click the bookmark icon in the Fonts Ninja popup.

Name your bookmark for easy identification.

This feature helps you keep track of your favorite fonts across different websites.

Using Fonts Ninja on

To further demonstrate Fonts Ninja, let's visit and identify some fonts:

Navigate to

Click on the Fonts Ninja icon.

Hover over various text elements.

As you move your cursor, you'll see the font details change, showcasing the different font styles used on the site.

Different Font Styles on Websites

Websites often use multiple font styles to create a cohesive design. By using Fonts Ninja, you can easily identify these different styles and sizes.

This knowledge is particularly useful for:

Web designers.

Graphic designers.

Content creators.


Understanding the fonts used on popular websites can inspire your own design projects.

Practical Applications of Fonts Ninja

Fonts Ninja is not only a tool for curiosity but also for practical applications. Here are some ways you can use it:

Analyze competitor websites.

Improve your design projects.

Ensure font consistency.

Discover new fonts.

By identifying and saving fonts, you can build a library of styles that suit your needs.

Fonts Ninja for Designers

Designers often need to match or complement fonts in their projects. Fonts Ninja simplifies this process by providing instant font details.

Whether you're working on:

Web design.

Graphic design.

Branding projects.

Fonts Ninja can help you ensure that your font choices are accurate and effective.


Fonts Ninja is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for identifying fonts on any website. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can quickly discover, save, and utilize fonts in your own projects.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. 

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