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Transforming the way student writing looks in your classroom using SchoolAI. Your Ultimate Guide to Using AI as a Writing Companion

Transforming the way student writing looks in your classroom using SchoolAI. Your Ultimate Guide to Using AI as a Writing Companion 

The other day, a teacher asked me about writing with their third graders. They wanted a companion to help write a story, go back and forth, but not give them the answers. I recommended using the sidekick feature in SchoolAI.

With SchoolAI, you have various options to assist students in their writing journey. Let me show you an example of what we created.

Creating a Writing Companion

We started with a third-grade student story. The goal is to provide encouragement and act as though you're a teacher working with them. Encourage them, keep them focused, be succinct and responsive, and always be positive. The purpose is not to tell them what to write.

You can preview the setup before launching it. Once ready, launch it and copy the link for future use. This is important for later when students need to get back into their session.

Student Interaction with SchoolAI

Students will see a screen where they can start their writing session. For example, if they are unsure about a topic, you can suggest something simple like "sports." This interaction mimics natural classroom discussions and helps them get started.

As the student writes, you can go back into SchoolAI, scroll down, and select the session to monitor their progress. This feature allows you to see all ongoing sessions.

Sharing the Student Link

To ensure students can continue their writing, you need to share the session link with them. Simply copy the student link and share it via Google Docs or another platform. This way, they can re-enter their session and continue writing.

This method is beneficial for maintaining continuity and ensuring students stay engaged in their writing tasks.

Encouraging Student Writing

Encouragement is crucial for young writers. Always provide positive feedback and keep them focused on their task. Avoid giving direct answers or writing for them. The aim is to guide them in expressing their ideas effectively.

Monitoring Progress

Regularly check the sessions in SchoolAI to monitor student progress. This allows you to provide timely feedback and support. It also helps you identify any challenges they might be facing and address them promptly.

Benefits of Using SchoolAI

Encourages independent writing

Provides real-time feedback

Facilitates continuous engagement

Supports teacher-student interaction


Using SchoolAI as a writing companion transforms the way student writing looks in your classroom. It provides a supportive, interactive environment that encourages students to develop their writing skills. If you have any questions, please reach out. Thanks for watching, take care, and bye-bye.

Final Thoughts

Integrating technology like SchoolAI in the classroom not only modernizes the teaching approach but also makes learning more engaging for students. By using tools that mimic real-life interactions, we can better prepare students for the future.

Remember, the key to successful implementation is consistent use and providing timely feedback. Encourage your students, monitor their progress, and watch their writing skills flourish.

Getting Started with SchoolAI

To get started, sign up for SchoolAI and explore the various features available. Set up your classroom, create sessions, and start interacting with your students. The more you use it, the more comfortable you will become with its functionalities.

For a playlist of videos I have created revolving around SchoolAI see the embedded playlist below.

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