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Check out Curipod's AI or Not AI Literacy Generator. See if students can pick out the image that is created by AI as well as see what the prompt was to create the image.

Introduction to AI Literacy 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing various aspects of our lives. Understanding AI literacy is crucial. This tool helps determine if content is AI-generated or not.

Curipod offers an engaging way to explore AI literacy. The platform provides options to customize and interact with AI-generated content. Let's dive into the features and benefits this tool offers.

Choosing Your Preferences

Curipod allows users to select preferences for a more personalized experience. For instance, you can choose from various categories like animals, locations, and food.

In our example, we start by selecting a dog. Next, we choose a mountain setting. Finally, we opt for a sandwich as our food choice. These selections help tailor the content we will explore.

Customizing the Experience

After choosing preferences, you can customize the content further. This feature is particularly beneficial for educators looking to create specific learning materials.

By selecting "customize now," users can see the generated slides. In this case, there are 12 slides. Each slide presents different scenarios and questions about AI-generated content.

Presenting to Students

The tool offers a presentation mode to showcase the content from a student's perspective. This interactive approach helps students understand AI literacy better.

Students will encounter questions like "AI or not?" where they must determine if the content is AI-generated. This hands-on experience is invaluable for learning.

Analyzing AI-Generated Content

One of the slides asks students to identify which image is AI-generated. This exercise sharpens their ability to distinguish between real and AI-created images.

For example, students might see two images and must decide which one is real. They can also see the prompt used to generate the AI image, providing deeper insight into the process.

Understanding Prompts

Prompts are essential in generating AI content. Curipod allows students to see the exact prompts used. This transparency helps in understanding how AI works.

Knowing the prompts can also inspire students to experiment with AI tools. They learn what kind of inputs yield specific outputs, enhancing their AI literacy.

Benefits for Students

Curipod's AI literacy tool offers several benefits for students:

Interactive learning

Real-world applications

Critical thinking

Understanding AI

Real vs. AI-Generated

One of the key learning points is distinguishing between real and AI-generated content. This skill is increasingly important in today's digital world.

Students learn to look for irregularities or inconsistencies that might indicate AI generation. This critical skill helps them navigate digital content more effectively.

Practical Applications

AI literacy has practical applications beyond the classroom. Understanding AI can help students in various fields, from technology to creative arts.

For instance, aspiring graphic designers can use AI tools to enhance their work. Similarly, writers can use AI for content generation and editing.


Curipod's AI literacy generator is an excellent tool for both educators and students. It offers a fun, interactive way to explore AI and its applications.

By engaging with this tool, students enhance their understanding of AI. They learn to distinguish between real and AI-generated content, a crucial skill in today's world.

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to reach out. Thank you for reading, and take care!


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