Thursday, May 30, 2024

More of Canva's Magic Studio. Magic Write, Magic Media, and Styles.

 Introduction to Canva's Magic Media

Welcome to another deep dive into Canva's latest features. Today, we're exploring the exciting Magic Media tools.

These tools are designed to enhance your creative projects. They offer a range of functionalities that can transform your designs swiftly.

Let's explore these features in detail.

Generating articles like Newspaper Articles with Magic Write

One of the standout features in Canva's Magic Studio is Magic Write. This tool allows you to create text content effortlessly.

For instance, you can generate a newspaper article on any topic. In this example, we will create an article about dancing penguins.

First, you select the text box and choose Magic Write. Then, you specify the topic. After a brief moment, the article is generated.

While immediate editing within the tool is limited, you can insert the generated text into your design. From there, you can resize and edit as needed.

This feature is particularly useful for quickly generating content that can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Creating Custom Images with Magic Media

Another powerful tool in Canva's Magic Studio is the ability to create custom images. This is done through the Elements tab.

For example, you can create a gold leaf image. By typing 'gold leaf' and selecting 'generate image', Canva produces multiple images for you to choose from.

You can select any generated image, drag it into your design, and resize it to fit your needs. If you don't like the first image, you can regenerate until you find one that suits your project.

This feature is excellent for creating unique visuals that enhance your design's aesthetic appeal.

Applying Styles with Magic Studio

The Styles feature in Canva's Magic Studio allows you to apply different visual styles to your designs with ease.

You can browse through various style options and apply them to your page. This feature lets you see how different styles affect your design's overall look.

If you're not satisfied with the first style, you can shuffle through other styles until you find one that fits your vision. This flexibility ensures your design aligns with your brand or personal preference.

Applying styles is a quick way to experiment with different looks and find the perfect match for your project.


Canva's Magic Studio offers a suite of tools that can significantly enhance your design process. From generating text content to creating custom images and applying styles, these features provide a wide range of creative possibilities.

Whether you're working on a professional project or a personal one, these tools can help you achieve your design goals efficiently.

If you have any questions about using Canva's Magic Studio, feel free to reach out. 

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