Thursday, May 23, 2024

Create Music Using's Music Lab


Introduction to's Music Lab

Today, we're going to explore Music Lab, a feature within Music Lab allows you to create and experiment with music using code. You can even see featured songs created by others.

Getting Started with Music Lab

To begin, try out the Music Lab. You'll find instructions on the left side of the screen before starting your project. Let's dive in by pressing play and selecting continue to see what Music Lab looks like.

Creating a New Sound

First, you'll need to play a new sound. Drag the sound block over and change it to a different sound, like a club sound. It's pretty cool to see how it works. Continue by playing these sounds together.

Drag the sound blocks up and then press play. It's really interesting to hear the combined sounds.

Repeating Sounds

Next, you'll want to repeat a sound three times. Change the number of repeats by clicking inside the repeat block and entering three. Then, run the code to see it in action.

Make sure all three repeats have started before moving on.

Creating a Function

Now, let's create a function. This will help you understand how functions work in coding. Select the base sound and then run the function. It's super cool to see how functions can simplify your code.

Live Mode

The final step is live mode. Attach a play block to a triggered block and press one. Run the code and then press one to see it in action. Now, you're ready to start your own project.

Signing In and Featured Tracks

I recommend signing in to save your progress and explore the featured tracks created by others. It's definitely something worth checking out.


I introduced this to 4th grade students yesterday and it was a hit. As soon as they saw they could re-mix the music and use real audio from real songs!!

If you have any questions, please reach out. 

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