Monday, November 11, 2019

How to create a sign up in SignUpGenius.

If you would like to create a sign up in SignUpGenius take a look at the embedded 3 minute and 39 second YouTube tutorial I created below the directions.

A few items to make note of:

  • create an account
  • select create a sign up (upper right of screen)
  • make sure to create a title (example - November 2019 conferences)
  • next to group select the plus and add something such as November 2019
  • in theme you can type in something like Fall and make your choice
  • scroll down and see the page with a description (you can edit the description if you like)
  • select +Add Dates
    • choose your date(s) 11/26/ 11/27 and then select Add
  • you now need to +Add Dates again
    • choose add time slots 
    • choose 11/26 and 11/27 
    • select Time Range
    • Time Slot Increment
    • select Add Time Slot
  • select +Add Slots
    • Title your slot (example - conferences)
    • I left help wanted open
    • leave number wanted as 1 and make sure all dates are selected
    • select save
  • Now make sure to go back and remove times for lunch and other times you will not be available for a conference
  • Select Settings
    • I do not require comment or email
    • I do toggle off allowing people to "swap" spots (your call)
    • select save and continue
  • Now Publish
    • select copy link
  • In the video below I paste the link in Incognito Mode (so I am not logged in) to see what the sign up looks like
  • Of course you can go back and adjust as you see fit
Embedded below is the 3 minute and 39 second YouTube tutorial.

Take care,

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