Saturday, November 23, 2019

Create Stop Motion Animation on a Chromebook using Stop Motion Animator

If you (or your students/children) would like to create stop motion animation, try the Chrome App - Stop Motion Animator (free).

Once added and launched the camera will appear instantly. You will also see the options you see below.

A few items to point out. To start all you need to do is select capture and the image will be captured. You will then move the object; however, you will see where the object was previously (has a blurred effect). If you male a mistake you can undo an action, you can record audio, slow down or speed up the animation, and save the movie.

The movie will save as a .webm file and can be uploaded to Google Drive and/or YouTube.

Embedded below is a short animation (same as above but in video from Drive)   as well as a 2 minute and 8 second YouTube tutorial.

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