Sunday, November 10, 2019

Create a personalized thank-you card using Google Drawings, Flipgrid, and Bitmoji.

Eric Curts created a post called - How Your Students can use Google Drawings to Create Greeting Cards. Eric does a great job in his post including How-To Directions as well as two very helpful templates for creating the card.

With Thanksgiving coming up and it being a time many focus on being thankful, I thought I would start to leave thank you cards for those I work with at school and in my life. However, I wanted to personalize the card so I thought what better way than to include Flipgrid for a personalized video and Bitmoji for a little extra fun
  • Flipgrid - make sure to use the Shorts section and then download the video in a QR code. Users can scan with their device or use the Flipgrid app for some augmented reality!
  • Bitmoji - I was frustrated with using the Bitmoji extension in Chrome as it was leaving a solid black background that was distracting. I then decided to use the Bitmoji app on my phone, save the image to my device, upload to Google photos, and then download to my computer. Seems like a bunch of steps - but not really that time consuming. 
Embedded below is a 2 minute and 19 second YouTube tutorial.

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