Saturday, November 16, 2019

Have a birthday or Christmas list you want to share with others? Try Wakelet to share those lists.

Wakelet is an amazing curation tool that has numerous features associated with it. At its core - it allows users to create a collection of links, videos, PDFs, etc and easily share with others.

This is extremely valuable especially for sharing of birthday and Christmas wish lists. As a matter of fact, I used this today with my parents and shared with my wife while she was out. She could quickly see what items were added without me having to keep sending her links.

To get started simply create an account in Wakelet and then:
  • create a title (I also recommend adding an image and background image)
  • add a link, PDF, video, etc
  • decide if you want the collection to be Private, unlisted, or Public 
  • select Publish
  • You can now share the link if you would like to
  • If you want others to contribute, simply select contributors once you publish
  • You have the option to email, or send via a code
    • The great thing about the code is the contributor does not need to join Wakelet 
  • One more thing - add the extension for ease of use (look at the video below as to why)
Embedded below is a 3 minute and 11 second YouTube tutorial I created.

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