Sunday, March 17, 2024

Magic Student in Magic School. What it looks like from a teacher and student point of view

 MagicSchool is an amazing platform that has so many tools available for teachers. Now, MagicSchool has launched MagicStudent.

If you have not joined the waitlist (post and video are from 3-17-2024) please do so.


Once you see Magic Student available (you will know by looking at the top left of your screen and see the option to toggle to Magic Student).

Once you select Magic Student you will see the options below (apologies but wanted you to see them all).

Within the tools you can select Favorites.

When ready to share some (or all) of these tools to your students make sure to select the purple Launch to Students on the left.

Once selected you will be taken to a page where you will see any previous rooms you have created. Of course you can select any of those or select Launch New Room (upper-right).

Once the Launch New Room has been selected you will then select the tools you would like available to them (you can see the add button below).

You will then see the number of tools you selected next to Launch Room (upper right).

Once you Launch the room, you will then need to confirm the room details and then launch the room.

Once launched you will then see a URL as well as a QR code to enter the room for your students.

Once shared with your students, they will launch the page and type in their name. They will then see a page that comes up about using MagicSchool responsibly.

Once they accept, they will then see the tools made available to them by you. When they select the specific tool they would like to use they can then see an exemplar and then type in what they would like (similar to how it looks in MagicSchool for teachers).

What is great for you as well is that the information your students type into MagicStudent, you can see from your end. You can enter into the class and then select the student's name and see their output history.

Embedded below is a 2 minute and 20 second YouTube tutorial. Future videos will be made revolving around this topic as this was just an introduction.

You can also see Magic School's intro video embedded below.

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