Saturday, March 23, 2024

4 Amazing Tools to have available for students in Magic School / Magic Student. E-mail Writer, Thank You Note, E-mail Responder, and Text Proofreader.

 Magic Student (in Magic School)   is available for all users. Today, we will be looking at 4 additional tools:

E-mail Writer: 

This is a great tool as it assists students in generating a professional email to teachers, peers, or others.

Thank You Note:

Allows students to create a thank you note to show their appreciation.

E-mail Responder

This is amazing as a number of students need assistance in this area. They can create high quality e-mail responses to an e-mail they receoved.

Text Proofreader

I would have loved this. Take any text and have it proofread for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and to add clarity.

Embedded below is a 1 minute and 58 second YouTube tutorial.

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