Monday, March 25, 2024

How to have a translated conversation with anyone using Google Sheets and the formulas can not be edited by anyone but you.

Earlier this month I posted about how a Chromebook and Google Sheets can be a huge help with non-English speaking students.

How a Chromebook and Google Sheets can Empower Conversations with Non-English Speaking Students.

While the sheet worked nicely, some feedback has been that the formula and other aspects of the Sheet could be changed by mistake.

So, I saw Google's recent Tweet about Google Translate and decided to change a few things.

  1. I simplified the Sheet to only have 1 back and forth conversation.
  2. The teacher and student can only each write in 1 cell each. All the other cells are locked. 
    1. This is helpful as no formulas can be changed.
  3. A little color to spruce it up a bit and provide a little separation.
You can see an example below. 

Please note you will need to 
  • all cells B/C 1 and E/F 1 
    • (this is where you and the student will be typing) and right click. 
  • make sure to select View more cell actions and protect range

  • then choose to set permissions
  • make sure to choose that only you can restrict who can edit this range

  • you can then share this sheet with the student in question 
    • make sure they can edit the sheet as they will need to write back and forth with you
Embedded below is a 1 minute and 45 second YouTube tutorial.

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