Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Brief look at 4 tools in Magic School for Students. Writing Feedback, Song Generator, Create a Skit, and Book Suggestions

  In MagicSchool, MagicStudent is available for all users. Today, we will be looking at 4 more tools that

 I wanted to make you aware of.

  • Writing Feedback
This tool is one that really spoke to me, especially younger me. I can not tell you how helpful this tool would have been. The ability to have unbiased feedback let me know positives, negatives, etc and make suggestions would have been so powerful.

This is one where I could see teachers needing some time to get comfortable with it. However, over time, I think this tool will be seen purely as a learning tool.

  • Song Generator
This is a great one and can be a ton of fun for students to get creative with!

  • Create a Skit
What a great tool to have available for students to get started with and to see how skits can be written.

  • Book Suggestions
Students could really find some books on their own that cold open up some new worlds!

Embedded below is a 1 minute and 43 second YouTube tutorial.

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