Monday, September 21, 2020

How to turn your Bitmoji into your cursor

 If you would like to turn your Bitmoji into a cursor here is one way to do it using Google Chrome and 2 extensions.

  • Add the Bitmoji extension
  • Find the Bitmoji you would like to use
    • Right click and download to your computer
    • Edit the size of your Bitmoji to no more than 128 x 128 pixels 
      • To edit the size right click on the Bitmoji and choose edit
      • Then choose size and adjust to pixels
      • You could also use a site such as
        • upload your image
        • go to step 4 and choose 128 by 128 pixels
        • go to step 7 and select resize image
  • Add the custom cursor extension (has a lot of fun cursors)
  • Select the custom cursor extension and choose upload cursor
    • find your adjusted Bitmoji 
  • Click on extension again and choose your Bitmoji
  • One last item to point out is that if you want to clear your Bitmoji cursor - select the extension and then choose the default cursor (looks like a power button in the upper right when you select the extension.
Embedded below is a 2 minute and second YouTube tutorial.

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