Monday, April 9, 2018

Flipgrid - what it looks like from a student point of view.

What does it look like when you share your Grid with your students? If you share the link to your Grid students will see all topics that have been created.

Students will see any resources, instructions, and attachments you have included with each topic. When the students select the topic they will see the resources, instructions, and attachments that pertain to that particular topic. Remember you do not need to share the whole grid, you can share just the individual topic.

Once students select the topic they will see the Flipgrid + Symbol as well as any other student video submissions. When they select the + they will see...

  • live video of user (will not record until select record icon)
  • instructions
  • ability to add stickie notes (will not be seen by viewers)
  • once video icon is selected a 3 second countdown will begin (90 seconds is the default)
    • students can pause video as well as delete
  • when completed select the green arrow icon to the right
  • a preview is available where students can decide to keep or delete
  • a selfie will then be taken to be displayed in the grid for all students to see
    • if allowed in your settings students can add stickers and drawings
  • finally, students will enter their name to be displayed in the grid
    • email, title, and links are optional
    • Submit video
  • students can now download their video and selfie (if desired)
  • select complete
  • students can see their submission as well as other submissions
Embedded below is a 2 minute 17 second YouTube tutorial.

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