Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Epic! Creating and assigning collections + what it looks like from teacher & student point of view.

Epic! is an amazing site that offers +25,000 books free to educators and their class (during school hours).

If you are interested in how to sign up for the site as well as how to become an Epic! Educator click here for these posts (or click on Epic! books above).

To add a collection and assign follow these directions:

  • select search and search by author, title, or keyword
  • when you find the book you are interested in select it
  • in the upper-right you will see a Heart
    • select the heart, favorite it, and select the + Add To
  • you can now create a new collection or add to a previously created one
To share / assign the collection
  • go back to the main screen (select epic! upper-left of page)
  • select the Heart (My Library)
  • you will not see collection(s) and the share icon in which you can share with an Epic! Teacher, email, Pinterest, or copy collection link
  • can also select assign and assign to the whole class or specific student(s)
Student point of view
  • they will select the Mailbox 
  • find the shared collection
  • click on the book(s) and then select the Heart to favorite the book

If you are interested in creating and assigning collections + what it looks like from a student's point of view select the embedded 2 minute and 10 second YouTube video below.

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