Sunday, April 8, 2018

Flipgrid - How to edit your topic to include videos, GIFs, photos, attachments, & Google Classroom

Previously I shared a blog post dealing with  How to get a grid up and running for your class in under 2 minutes - in this post I will be sharing how to edit your topic to include videos, GIFs, photos, Google Docs, as well as how to share to Google Classroom.

Once you have your Grid and topic created you can add some extra information to your topic to include a video, GIFs, photos, as well as a Google Doc. When completed you can share the code with students, or send the topic easily through Google Classroom or Remind.

In order to edit your topic:
  1. Find your Grid (select My Grids at the top)
  2. Under the Grid find the topic and select the actions button to the right and select Edit topic.
  3. Under Topic Resources is where you can add a GIF, video, photo, etc.
  4. Under Topic Resources you can include an external link (Google Docs, OneNote, Dropbox)
Once your topic has been updated you can then select the Share Topic icon and share as a URL, embed code, QR code, as well as share to Remind and Google Classroom.

Embedded below is a 1 minute and 52 second YouTube tutorial.

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