Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The many ways to easily find your files in Google Drive

While many (including me) try hard to stay as organized as we can with our digital files - life gets in the way and all of a sudden there are countless files that are "unorganized". Thankfully, the search ability inside of Drive is very powerful and makes it easy to find any file you need.

Below you will see an embedded 49 second YouTube video showing the ways to search for your files followed by screenshots of the ways to search for your files.

1. At the top of your Drive you will see the Search Drive box. There you can quickly select PDFs, Text documents (docs), Spreadsheets (sheets), Presentations (slides), Photos & Images, and Videos. You then have the More search tools for a more specific search.

2. When you select More search tools you will see the screenshot below.
3. When you select Type you will see the options to search as you see below.
4. Owner - you will be able to search with the options below.
5. Date modified where you can search as you see below as well as the option to customize your search time.
6. Item name search where you can enter just part of the file name.
7. Has the words. Pretty cool feature where you can enter words found in the file.
8. Shared with. Who did you share the file with? Type in a name or an e-mail address.
9. Follow up. Here , is where you will be to look up any action items assigned to you, or suggestions in files you own.

As always, any questions please let me know!

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