Thursday, January 26, 2017

Handy extension to keep you on track!

If you are in need of a reminder extension (to keep reminding you to finish those report cards or call the cable company back) - the extension Dayboard just may be the thing you are looking for.

The extension will ask you for the 5 most important items to you (you don't have to put in 5). Then, everytime you open up a new tab - the dayboard extension will remind you of your important items. This is nice - especially when we go on another site like Facebook or Twitter and stay on there for too long.

When the item has been completed you simply click on the check and it is marked as completed.
There are quite a few nice features that go along with the extension (for example being able to make sure the tab doesn't open when you use certain sites as well as delaying the side reminder as well - see picture below).

Below you will see an embedded 1 minute and 31 second video tutorial.

A big thank you to Richard Byrne (as talked about in the video) for finding this site!

As always, let me know if any questions!

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