Friday, January 13, 2017

Google Classroom Update - send assignments to specific individual(s) & find out when a student sends in an assignment late

If you would like to assign something to a particular student (or students) you can now do that very easily in Google Classroom. For Google's Help webpage for Google Classroom - please click here.

Once you have clicked on the + to create an announcement, assignment, or question - to the right of what class you are in - you will see where it says all students. Select the all students and you will see where the default is all students. You can then click where it says all students and then select the specific student (students) you would like to send it to.

The 2nd new feature is an e-mail notification when a student submits work past the due date. To make sure this is active in your Google Classroom...

1. Select the "hamburger" - the three lines at the top left of your home classroom page.

2. Select settings at the bottom.

3. Make sure the box is checked for email notifications.

As always, any questions please let me know!

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