Monday, January 2, 2017

1 second everyday app - see your memories from each day in 365 seconds!

My wife's friend posted on her Facebook account her video from the app  1 second everyday and it was awesome.

You just need to take a video through the app (or import from your photos) and trim the video down to 1 second. The video will stay on the calendar inside of the app. You can preview just the one day - or all the days you have created so far.

What a great idea to see what happens in a whole year in 365 seconds (or 366 if it is a Leap Year).

Embedded below you will my 2 second video of these past 2 days (followed by how they look as a GIF). Then imagine 365 of them - very cool!!

 Click here to see helpful videos the site has created on YouTube.

Just an FYI the app does cost $4.99.

Enjoy making those memories!

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