Friday, October 23, 2020

Take your Google Form to the next level with Paint-by-Numbers

 The other day I saw a video tutorial by Teaching It that ran through the steps of using Paint-by-Numbers in Google Forms - 

It got me thinking of how much fun it would be for students of all ages to answer questions and see their answers fill in a color in a painting!

Embedded below is a GIF followed by a 5 minute and 56 second YouTube tutorial that I created.

  • In order to do this you will first need to find a website for a color by numbers. A simple website to use is
    • You can then choose a picture
      • I recommend taking a picture (snipping tool) to be used later on in your Form
      • Then, choose the number 1, color in, and then take a picture.
      • Continue on until the painting has been completed.
  • Then, start your Google Form and add fields for first and last name.
    • I also added the original picture to show the students what they would be coloring in
  • Next, add a new section to the form
    • Add a title (color the ones or something like that) as well as adding something like "Answer the question below to color in the ones."
    • Then, add your picture.
  • Add your question
    • Make sure it is Short Answer
    • At the bottom (next to required) select the three dots and add response validation
    • Choose Number  > Equal to > answer
    • Add custom error text (keep trying)
  • Add a new section
  • Upper right of next section make sure to select Duplicate section
    • update the title, description, etc.
  • For the image - select where it says Image Title 
    • Add Image Title
    • Choose the three dots and select change 
    • You can now change out the image and add the "ones" picture
  • Continue until all questions and images have been added

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