Thursday, October 8, 2020

How to make sure users receive their form in an email in Google Forms (release score)

If you have created a form in Google forms and would like to return the form to the participants (a quiz to your students) after you have reviewed and added any feedback simply follow these steps:

  • in forms make sure you select the settings gear next to Send
  • in the general tab be sure to check collect email addresses (you can see other options as well below that)
  • in the section 2 over from General you will see Quizzes
    • choose to make it a quiz
    • release grade 
      • in my example below I show Later, after manual review
        • this is important for marking open-ended questions as well as leaving feedback
  • select save
  • send your form to your participants (students)

Once you have received responses in your form:
  • choose responses
  • go ahead through and grade by question or individual with adding any feedback you would like to add
  • when ready you can then select Release Score 
    • you have the option to release one, multiple, or all respondents
    • then send emails and release
  • students will then receive the forms with which questions they have correct as well as any feedback you added.

Embedded below is a 2 minute and 20 second YouTube tutorial as well as a 4 minute and 13 second tutorial with a little more info revolving around settings in forms.

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