Saturday, June 22, 2019

Save links/sites for a later viewing convenience. Use Wakelet's extension and app!

How many times have you...

  • Had a whole bunch of tabs open and wished you open up the same exact ones the next time you open your computer?
  • Found a website that you think looks pretty awesome; however, you just don't have the time to truly look into it right now?
  • Found an awesome site on your mobile device that you want to save to look at later on when you have the time?
This has happened to us all and it can be so frustrating! Well, Wakelet is remove those frustrations. If you use Wakelet's extension (for Chrome and Firefox) you can not only save an individual link to a collection in seconds, you can also save all those open tabs for the next time you open your computer.

Embedded below is a GIF showing you the above.

Wakelet's app (available in Google Play as well as Apple Store) has helped me so many times when I find an interesting Tweet, site, etc. The ability to instantly add something of interest to refer back to at a later date in time is awesome. There have also been times when I want to add to a collection I shared with others, I can do it in just seconds with the app.

Embedded below is a GIF showing how to save something awesome (like The Philly Special)!

Go Birds!

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