Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Flipgrid - How to make the created QR codes smaller to print out

Yesterday I shared the awesome new update to Flipgrid that allows you to easily download all created videos in a topic with one click.
I started thinking back to the teachers I worked with (especially the art teachers) who attached the QR code to the top of art piece. Families would walk by and scan the QR code with their mobile device and hear their child discuss their piece.

So... the size of the QR codes that are generated with this new update were too big. After some thinking and toying around with other sites and programs, I think I came up with the simplest of all solutions (just an FYI I am using a Dell notebook).

When the QR codes are generated and ready to print out make sure you change pages per sheet to a larger number (in my example 12 pages were to be printed so I changed it from 1 page per sheet to 16). Embedded below is a screenshot followed by a GIF and 54 second YouTube tutorial.

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