Sunday, February 10, 2019

Stop Motion Animation using Google Slides Create a shareable link or a GIF using TallTweets!

Want a fun and easy way to create Stop Motion Animation? Try using Google Slides. Below are the steps I took to create one along with a way to publish to a shareable link as well as a GIF! Water Cycle GIF below.

  • Start a new Google Slide
  • Change your Lay out to blank
  • Search in Google for a background image 
    • Make sure to select Tools and Color is transparent
    • Save to your computer
  • Go back to your Google Slide and choose background and the image
  • Now insert images that you would like to - in my example I just used text
  • When you have your first slide ready to go - make sure to duplicate it by right clicking on the slide itself (right side)
  • Once duplicated make sure to then change what you would like ever so slightly and then repeat the duplication process
    • In the example of the water cycle I created I used 57 slides
  • When completed you can now publish it (or create a GIF - see below)
  • To publish make sure to select File > Publish to the Web
    • Auto-Advance Slides to every 1 second
    • Check to start slideshow as the player loads as well as restart the slideshow after the last slide
  • Select Publish
  • Grab the shareable link and alter the last part of the link from 1000 to something around 100
  • Share away!!!!
GIF Directions
  • To create a GIF out of the slides open the website Talltweets
  • Make sure to link your Google Account and choose your presentation (can take a bit of time)
  • Choose 1200 for Width and 0.1 for Slide Duration
  • Select Create GIF (does take some time - be patient)
  • Once created, I right clicked on the GIF and saved to my desktop
Embedded below is a 2 minute and 54 second YouTube tutorial walking you through the steps.

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