Wednesday, February 13, 2019

How to make pixel and emoji paintings with Google Sheets

I was looking through some different scripts in Google Sheets and came across this template to create pixel and emoji art. I had an awesome time creating both pixel and emoji art - I can not wait to show Sydney and Jack later today when I get home from a conference in Hershey, PA.

The steps to create both pixel and emoji art are really quite simple.
  • Open the Spreadsheet template and create a copy in your Drive.
  • Go to the Spreadsheet Art menu and upload the image from your desktop. You can use images of any size or resolution.
  • The script will now run and write the proper hex color codes in the cells of the spreadsheet as well as set the background color of every cell as the color of the corresponding pixel.
    • If you chose emoji - the cell will be filled with emojis that match the color of the pixel.
  • Finally, the script will resize the cells and turn them into perfect squares.

Embedded below is a GIF followed by a 2 minute and 28 second YouTube tutorial.

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