Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Flipgrid fever has never been higher - in case you haven't heard it is now free

Flipgrid was recently purchased by Microsoft and is now 100% free for educators. You now have unlimited grids, longer video lengths (between 15 seconds and 15 minutes), as well as scheduled  launch and freeze dates.

This is huge news as Flipgrid's vision will now have the financial power to help to accomplish their goal,  to empower student voice. I just had a discussion today with some of my colleagues about FlipGrid. We were discussing how certain students tend to always be the ones that are heard and the shy, timid, etc ones are not heard. Thus, those students ideas are not heard and the ideas slowly burn out like an ember in a fire. However, with Flipgrid that ember can now get that oxygen it needs and be heard.

The winners here appear to be everyone, from Flipgrid and Microsoft, to teachers, and to that student in the back left corner who never shared that awesome story because he was too afraid/timid/shy to speak.

Embedded below is Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announcement of Flipgrid joining the Microsoft family.

Embedded below are three posts  I created showing the basics of Flipgrid as well as each individual video tutorial.

Flipgrid - what it looks like from a student point of view.

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