Monday, June 25, 2018

Wakelet - great site to share articles, videos, images, tweets, etc. with one link.

Wakelet is an amazingly easy to use website that allows you to share articles, videos, images, tweets, etc with one link.
When you create the site you will see the ability to create a collection. In this collection (or wake), you can

  1.  add websites from the link (URL)
  2. edit the description
  3.  name the collection
  4.  add a picture,
  5. change the visibility of the collection (public, private, unlisted)
  6. easily share the collection with others (Facebook, Twitter, Google Classroom, etc.)
    1. This is especially helpful in the classroom.
Embedded below is a GIF followed by a 2 minute and 15 second YouTube tutorial.

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