Thursday, July 7, 2016

Want to share a Google file but do not want others to copy, edit, or print?

Hello everyone,

One of the amazing features of Google Drive is the ability to share files and collaborate. However, every once in awhile you have that file that you do not want anyone to be able to copy, edit, or print your file.

Well, Google allows you that ability. First you will see a GIF (video clip less than 20 seconds with no audio) followed by some step by step directions.

Step-by-step directions. 

1. Select Share in the upper-right hand corner.

2. Click on Advanced (bottom right).

3. The screen below will come up.

4. Select the two check boxes you see below.

5. Make sure to change who has access to your file. 
Right now I am the only one who can see this file.
6. Depends on how you want to share - I chose Anyone with the link.

As always, any questions please let me know!

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