Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nearpod - an amazing presentation tool that can include Quiz's, Polls, Videos, Images & Virtual Field Trips!

Nearpod is an amazing site for education. It includes pre-made presentations for all subject areas and grade levels. They are interactive and full of information. The ability to not only do what you see below, but to be able to take students on "virtual field trips" throughout the world is awesome. If you are new to the site, I recommend you take their 20-30 minute Self-Paced Webinar to see what Nearpod is all about by clicking here

Here is 1 minute and 13 second embedded video to show a teacher discussing Nearpod and why it is so beneficial.

The lessons that you have either created, downloaded for free, or purchased are easy to present to students or shared with them through e-mail , Socially (Facebook, Twitter), a Link, or through Google Classroom:

This lesson about Ancient Egypt by Steven Bambury was downloaded for free. I have included some screenshots so you can see what a lesson looks like. 
Background Information 
Telling students be ready to go on a "Field Trip"


Virtual Experience
Great question about inferencing.

If you have any questions please let me know. I hope you will give Nearpod a try.

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