Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Curious about a TV show, App, game, or movie and if it is appropriate? Try

Hello everyone,

I think many of us have been asked by our kids or students if they can watch a certain TV show or movie. Many times, at least in my experience is, "Ummmm.... let me think about that." Then we Google it to see what they are talking about. Many times a search on Google would come up with either an IMDB page or a Wikipedia page and now we know more, but still may have some questions.

If you give Commonsensemedia a try it will immediately let you know the age appropriateness. If you then select the title it will further break down the show into What parents need to knowUser reviewsWhat's the StoryIs it any good, and What Families can Talk About. An example of the "BFG" is below.

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I have just started to use this site personally and really like the fact that they have an app available (free). Click here for the App Store and click here for Google Play.

Hope you enjoy!

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