Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fantasy Football & Google Extensions! The draft may never be the same.

It is that time of year - Fantasy Football and "The DRAFT"! The league I belong to changed over to an on-line draft years ago (we still have a party - but no more BIG BOARD). I do miss the BIG BOARD and placing the names on the board, but I digress.

While I love an on-line draft and having all the information at my fingertips, I have always been frustrated when trying to do some research (getting a sleeper in the later rounds) and keeping an eye on the progress of the draft. 

Well, like most things, extensions in Google may just help out. The 2 extensions I discuss below will be able to take your screen and split it into 2 (or more) working webpages on the screen at the same time.
**The other way to do this would be to resize your screen, open up a new tab and drag it over (GIF at the bottom).

One extension is called Side-by-side by Alice Keeler (great follow on Twitter for all you educators out there) .  Below you will find a 20 second GIF as well as a 20 second YouTube video embedded below. It is very straight forward and easy to use.

Another extension is called Tab Resize. What this extension will do is split your screen into what we see below (4 screens or 2 screens) . I have included a 20 second GIF and embedded YouTube video clip below. 

Of course these extensions have a ton more uses than for just Fantasy sports - but man do they sure help!

** One last GIF showing how to do this without an extension.
Just be sure to resize your tab and drag over new tab.

Enjoy the draft.

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