Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saved the best extension for last - Side by Side (can have two pages open at once)

A friend of mine that I have taught with for a number of years (Russ) sent me a text yesterday about wishing there was a projector that could project two screens at once. I thought that was a great idea. Well, fast forward to today. I was on Alice Keeler's  website (great follow on Twitter by the way) and saw her Extension that she created called Side by Side. This extension allows you to right-click on any link and open up the URL on the right-hand side of the screen.

This extension could be used in so many ways. A few quick ways:

1. Grading students work. Have their work on one side and the gradebook open on the other side.

2. Writing a paper and need to do some research? Now you can have both open at the same time.

3. Last one - my favorite.... drafting for Fantasy Football but need your precious website up (you know that you tell no-one about and has helped you draft that sleeper in the 8th round). Well now you can have up that site plus ESPN or whatever website you use for fantasy sports.

Look below for a GIF and embedded YouTube clip.

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