Thursday, April 11, 2024

Create your own customizable Character Chatbot where students can chat with any historic figure, author, or recognizable character from a story.

 MagicSchool 's new MagicStudent with customizable tools is an outstanding feature.

SchoolAI has an amazing Historic Figure Chat Bot as well as additional Historic Figures for your students to chat with. While that may be more aesthetically pleasing, MagicSchool's customizeability (word?) makes the session with your students very powerful.

You can see the full list below. In the embedded video below I show how to use the Character Chatbot tool and customize it.

Once you select the tool, you can then hover over it and choose to customize.

What is nice is when you customize it, you can see what the customization looks like on the righthand side. You can also choose the eye next to each category which can hide the field (see image below).

Embedded below is a 2 minute and 16 second YouTube tutorial in which I show how this can be used so students can have an interactive chat with Stanley from the book Holes. This is amazing for students to interact with a character from a book and or history.

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