Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Flexible Instructional Day? How to make sure your Google Meet link is available to students. Also, how to create a recurring meeting in Zoom which you can use over and over again.


Hello everyone,

Here is a brief reminder on how to host your office hours. You can also click here or on the image below for a 1 minute and 27 second YouTube tutorial.


Google Meet: You have a Google Meet in your Google Classrooms. It is on the left side underneath your header. To make it visible for your students, click on the three dots and select Manage and then toggle on Visible to Students.




Zoom: You can still use Zoom (zoom.us) with a 40 minute time limit. Be sure to login with Google. Make sure to scroll down below the login input fields and then Schedule a Meeting. My suggestion is to Schedule a Recurring Meeting with No Fixed Time then you can reuse the link for Future FID Days.

You could also use a personal meeting. Just a reminder, you only have 40 minutes in Zoom.



If you have any questions please reach out.


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