Monday, January 1, 2024

Brisk Teaching. Use on any website to change reading level, generate feedback, detect AI, etc.

The Brisk teaching extension is a real game changer for teachers and students alike. You can also click here to go directly to the website to learn more.

If you open the extension on a student's assignment, you will 

To practice and see what the site can do, make sure to click on this link to try it out

  • If you open the Google Doc (as well as in the tutorial I created) you will see the Brisk extension come up and the image you see below. In this example, try to Give Feedback. You will be presented with a Glow, a Grow, and a Wondering (once you state what you would like the feedback to focus on). Each option will allow you to copy and place where needed.

  • In this next option (with a Google Doc) you will be writing with Brisk. Here you will see options to write a lesson plan, quiz, exemplar, etc. Once created you will see further options that allow you to translate, make more/less difficult, etc.

  • You can also open a student's work and choose to Detect AI Writing. If you see the image below you will notice a slide that shows you how likely or unlikely it is.
  • Finally, the one that instantly made me a fan of Brisk is the option when you open a document/site and choose the extension. You will be presented with the approximate reading level and the option to change the reading level as well as to translate the article. You will then open up a Google Doc with a link to the original article and the adjusted article to the grade level of your choice.

Embedded below is a 2 minute and 5 second YouTube tutorial.

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